We know how you work

The Inkleaf Platform

Inkleaf combines the power of progressive and next-generation web technologies with an intuitive and consistent user interface. With Inkleaf, you'll enjoy a seamless experience across devices, thanks to its mobile-first design. Navigate effortlessly with keyboard shortcuts, while fine-grained permissions ensure secure access to resources. Stay up-to-date with live updates, and personalize your experience with light or dark mode. Embrace the future of efficiency and accessibility as you unlock your library's potential with Inkleaf.

Mobile first.
Enjoy a seamless, easy-to-use experience across all of your devices.
Light and dark modes.
Switch effortlessly between light and dark modes to personalize your visual experience.
Fine-grained permissions.
Ensure that sensitive information remains protected and only accessible to authorized individuals.
Live updates.
Track changes across the platform in real-time without having to refresh the page.
Keyboard shortcuts.
Ditch the mouse and navigate effortlessly and efficiently using keyboard shortcuts.
Available anywhere.
Inkleaf is cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), so you can work and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Staff & Contacts Directory

Share staff member and contact information. Streamline communication and enable access to important information

See who is online.
See which staff members are online and available.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Upload staff or contact pictures. Help new team members connect names to faces.
Departments and working groups.
Organize staff into departments or working groups, like committees or ad-hoc collaborative teams.
Shared or personal contacts.
Maintain a personal contact list or share with departments, working groups, or the entire staff.
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Knowledge Base

Unlock your organization's potential to create, curate, and access a wealth of valuable information, fostering a culture of learning and knowledge-sharing

Stay organized.
Tag notes, organize them into personal or shared notebooks, and secure them with group permissions.
Collaborate in real-time.
Edit documents collaboratively in an easy-to-use wysiwyg editor. Live preview lets you preview your notes in the same view that you're writing them in.
Find things fast.
Search notes with our blazing fast fulltext index using an intuitive UI that is always at your fingertips.
Track and export with ease.
Track note revisions or revert back to previous versions. Export notes as PDF or Markdown: a standard lightweight markup language designed for portability.
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Custom Forms

Build custom forms for staff and the public, enabling data sharing and collection in order to help drive your strategic decisions

Staff and public forms.
Separate staff and public forms. Embed forms in your website or send users to unique links. Authenticate library users against your SIP server.
Organize and lock down.
Organize forms into categories and apply permissions, allowing per-department or per-group access to forms and form data.
Intuitive Form Builder.
Create customized forms effortlessly with our intuitive form builder. No coding skills required.
Real-time data.
Watch form data arrive in real-time. Use built-in visualization tools to explore data or export into Excel.

Databases and Bookmarks

Create bookmarks and manage electronic research databases. Easily track licensing, renewals, and payments, helping your organization make the most of its resources

Stay organized.
Tag databases and bookmarks, organize them into personal or shared folders, and secure them with group permissions. Curate database subjects.
Information at your fingertips.
Annotate bookmark and database records. Track database payments, attach licenses, and set renewal reminders.
Custom short URLs.
Create custom short URLs that make it easy to share links and track click-through numbers over time.
Search with ease.
Search through bookmarks and databases to quickly find the information you are looking for.

Discussion Topics

Create space to share ideas, plans, opinions, and updates. Promote internal communication with a staff blogs and discussion topics

Explore topics.
Create and manage topics for blogs and discussion and apply permissions, allowing per-department or per-group access.
Threaded discussions.
Foster in-depth conversations by allowing participants to create threaded replies and responses within each topic.
Real-time updates.
Enjoy a dynamic discussion experience with real-time updates, ensuring participants can see new responses and contributions as they happen.
Notifications and Subscriptions.
Keep participants engaged with notifications and subscription options, allowing them to stay updated on new discussions and responses.